Covid 19

Hello dear members and all of whom KO means something to. Whilst closed during the Covid-19 pandemic, we are doing everything we can to help you stay both physically and mentally healthy. We currently have 2 Muay Thai sessions and a fitness class every week via our Instagram LIVE. However, we will progress this further to offer you the plethora of classes you had when times were normal. Please follow @kocombatacademy to stay in the loop. 


We’ve had some very kind messages asking if people can still pay something towards the gym or pay for the online classes. We are touched by the notion though we feel it’s unfair to charge a compulsory rate. However, whilst some of you are very passionate about the sentiment which is absolutely amazing, it is unquestionable that the financial aid will certainly go a long way. 


With this in mind we have decided to set up a voluntary donation page where you can donate any amount at any time. 


From the very bottom of our hearts we are well and truly so grateful for these acts of kindness.


Thank you. We miss and love you all dearly, The KO Team #refusetolose

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